The old-town architecture
See several examples of the architecture
The old-town Macedonian architecture is very interesting. It reveals itself to our eyes while walking down the streets of the old parts of our cities, particularly in Ohrid. The master builders of these houses, self-taught bricklayers from the region of Debar, created genuine and wonderful buildings.

The old part of Ohrid is packed in the XIX century houses. They are very important for the survey of urban architecture. Their facades raise above the both sides of narrow and steep alleys. One feels as if the eaves on occasions merge. Along the shore-bordering alley of Kosta Abras, for example, you pass along the houses as though you were passing a tunnel. The mild climate enabled the use of wood for the construction of houses, except for the stone foundations. And the wood, in turn, enabled the construction of higher buildings. The floor structure is made up of beams. On them, from both outer and inner sides, thin boards are nailed. Above them a layer of mortar mixed with chaff was poured. Typically white coloured, both old and new Ohrid houses have rather impressive exterior.
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