Macedonia - Cultural Heritage
Prehistory Excavated archaeological sites from the prehistorical period confirm that even that back in the history of mankind, there was life in Macedonia. This link offers you numerous pieces of information on that subject.
Classical period In the Classical period numerous civilizations left their traces throughout the ancient Macedonian territory. Here you will learn many things about their influence on Macedonia.
Ethnology In the period of the Macedonian history when the artistic feats were impaired by slavery, anonimous authors thrived, leaving us the folclore as a testimony of the entire epochs of the Macedonian life.
Religions Macedonia today is a country where a number of religions coexist. Find about that through this link.
Carving Masters of chisel developed wood carving in Macedonian churches and monasteries. Learn much more about it by follwing this link.
Fresco painting The painting art developed in the form of frescoes that adorn the walls of the shrines in Macedonia. This is the link you shoud choose to enjoy their beauty and to learn a lot about them.
Icon painting Those icons that survived numerous robberies of the Macedonian churches and monasteries are the testimony of the artistic value of the usually anonimous Macedonian painters. Here you will encounter numerous pieces of information and even more abundant photographs of these cultural threasures.
Craftsmanship The underdeveloped industry culminated in supreme manufactural production. Artizans inverted their crafts into an art that is now our heritage.
Architecture The old towns' architecture, as well as the architecture of the rural Macedonian regions, with their specifics, deserve particular consideration. Learn about them through this link.
Arts Macedonia does not live in the past only. Contemporary Macedonian arts are highly admired and appreciated. Learn and see more of them.
Macedonian language Recently ratified, yet of an ancient origin, Macedonian language today is spoken by more than 4 milion people. Learn more about it thorugh this link.
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