Vernacular in the daily written use (XVI - XIX century).

Within the period from the XVI to the XIX century, the process of penetration and strengthening of the native language in the written practice was gradually increasing. This is obvious from some letters and notes from that period. Also from the same period is the Letter from Krusevo. It was written in the Prilep speech, with the preserved sound "h".

Another document of that type is the Armenia, transcribed in 1728. It is a transcription of the Russian original, a testimony that as early as that the Russian editing in the ecclesiastic language was already spreading. The transcriber, Jankula Siljanov, was from the village of Tresonce in the region of Debar. He was a fresco painter.

Also some other letters and records in native language are preserved. They include Veles, Radovish, and other Macedonian speeches.
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