Codification of standard Macedonian language

Codification means the adoption and systematization of language rules and regulations and prescription of the obligatory language form. It represents an important act in the history of a nation.

The codified language is the standardized language.

The codification of Macedonian language is related to the following historic events:
The status of the Macedonian state was strengthened by the historic decisions of the First Session of ASNOM. Among them particularly important was the Decision on Instituting Standard Macedonian Language as the official in the Macedonian state.

In addition, the Presidium of ASNOM, as the highest body of the Macedonian state, in November 1944 appointed a Commission whose task was to prepare a proposal for the Macedonian language alphabet and orthography.

The first Commission did not render an overall disposition. Therefore, after certain alterations within its composition, the Commission stated its attitude on the alphabet and orthography in May 1945. In this, the following principles were positioned:
  1. In standard Macedonian language such forms of the central speeches shall be established that will connect all our speeches to the largest extent and will be easily acceptable for the people of all of our territories.
  2. Standard Macedonian language shall reflect its native foundations to the largest extent possible. The standard language's glossary shall be enriched with words from all of our dialects, new words shall be created with living suffixes and, to the extent necessary, also foreign pronouns shall be adopted.
  3. The Macedonian alphabet shall consist of as many letters as there are sounds in the standard language. The orthography shall be designed in accordance with the phonetic principle.
(Blaze Konevski,
Grammar of Standard Macedonian Language,
Kultura, Skopje, 1982, p. 56.)

The final form of the Commission for alphabet and orthography's position was rendered in the Resolution adopted on 3rd May 1945. On 5th May the Resolution was adopted by the People's Government of the Federal Republic of Macedonia.

The orthography of Macedonian language came into effect on 7th June 1945.

The enforcement of the alphabet and the orthography significantly contributed to the codification act of the Macedonian literature (standard) language. That facilitated the standardization of language norms in the language practice.
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