Some of the Macedonian frescoes
(There is an immense quantity of frescoes in Macedonia, dating from X-XI century to the present day. Here we introduce you to a limited number of them, fascinating by certain features.)
"The Holy Mother Wider than the Sky, St. Clement, Ohrid "St. Clement of Ohrid", St. Clement, Ohrid "The Last Supper", St. Clement, Ohrid
"The Assumption ", St. Clement, Ohrid "Archbishops", St. Sofia, Ohrid "Frieze with Angels", St. Sofia, Ohrid
"St. Cyril and Clement", fresco from St. Sofia, Ohrid "The Virgin", St. Sofia, the altar, Ohrid "Harnessing the Bear to a Plow ", St. Naum, Ohrid
Fresco from St. Pantheleimon, Skopje "St. Nifon", St. Bogorodica (The Holy Mother) Eleusa "St. Ahil Lariski", frescoe from Kurbinovo
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