Several Macedonian churches and monasteries
(In Macedonia there are more than 1,000 discovered and existing churches, monasteries, basilicas, chapels, catacombs, cave churches, and various types of Christian structures. Here only a few of them, distinguishing by certain fascinating features, are outlined.)
St. Mother of God Perivleptos (St. Clement of Ohrid) St. Sofia of Ohrid St. John the Theologician - Kaneo
Polyconched early Christian basilica near Imaret St. Pantheleimon - Imaret St. Naum of Ohrid
St. John Bigorski St. Dimitry - Skopje St. Spas - Skopje
Lesnovo Monastery of St. Gabriel of Lesnovo) Monastery of St. Andrew - Matka Monastery of St. Archangel, Skopje
Monastery of St. Giorgi of Polog Monastery of St. Giorgi Skoropomosnik Monastery of St. Pantheleimon - Nerezi
Zrze Monastery, Prilep Monastery of St. Leontius, Vodoca Monastery of St. Mother of God - Eleusa)
St. Nikola of Hospitals, Ohrid Monastery of St. Mother of God of Zahum, Ohrid Monastery of St. Nikita, the region of Skopje
Marco's Monastery, the region of Skopjex Monastery of St. Joachim of Osogovo Monastery of St. Athanasius, Lesok near Tetovo
St. John the Baptist, Stip St. Giorgi the Victorious, Nagoricani Metropolitan Church of St. Clement, Skopje
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