Macedonian folklore today
Although it has been suffering strong impediments imposed by the newly created low quality folk music, the genuine Macedonian folklore has successfully resisted to its becoming trashy. Even today there are, and I hope that in the future will be people like Vaska Ilieva, Nikola Badev , Aleksandar Sarievski, Dobri Stavreski, the "Biljana" ensemble, Simeon Gugulovski, and numerous other legends of the genuine Macedonian folk music. With their magnificent voices, these people have managed to continue the life of the Macedonian folklore to several succeeding generations that, in turn, will convey it to their successors.

Also the numerous folk ensembles throughout the country contribute greatly to the preservation of the Macedonian folklore. These ensembles, from generation to generation, convey the Macedonian dances and songs. Such ensembles, like "Tanec" (also professional), "Mirce Acev", "Orce Nikolov", "Gerdan", "Biseri", "Oteks", and many others, even those from the smallest Macedonian towns, promote the folklore throughout the world as our ambassadors of peace and beautiful songs.

The genuine folklore is also strongly supported by numerous annual song and dance festivals held in many Macedonian cities. Also the international folklore festivals, such as the "Balkan Festival" in Ohrid, and the "International Students' Festival" in Skopje, enable us to promote our nation and our state and to present our cultural folklore heritage to the general public.
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