Welcome to the best web site on Macedonian Cultural Heritage. This is me on these not so great images, insultingly overwhelming your screen. My name is Ivan Chorbev , and my address is:
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That was my warm welcome. I also wish you the best of fun and, primarily, the best of learn in surfing this web site. The Macedonian cultural heritage is quite broad topic - however, here you will be presented the carefully selected significant, beautiful and, certainly, more available and researched components of that heritage. When I embarked on preparing such presentation of Macedonia, I was struck by the hugeness of things that required to be referred to, worked out and, finally, presented.

Regarding the texts used, I am quite optimistic in not expecting any disputes as to the copyrights for them. That is because the authors of all books, monographs, textbooks, brochures, and other materials whose extracts were used here know that this is a general presentation whose single purpose is the promotion of our motherland. It is aimed at the people from the world that want to learn more about Macedonia and its cultural herritage. Since it is aimed for the benefit of our country, I hope that the authors and the esteemed archaeologists, architects, arts historians, photographers, scientists from various fields, to whom I congratulate for each single word written in these books, will forgive me and will donate their small contribution for the promotion of our country.

Some of the books I used and can remember are: I would also like to render my deepest apologies to those whose names I forgot to mention.

I would also like to emphasize that there is no a fragment of this Web Site that has either been downloaded from the Internet or usurped from another source. EVERYTHING, including the animated .gif files, settings, and the entire graphics and design were prepared by me.

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