Teskoto (The Hard One)

The Hard One (Teskoto) is considered to be one of the most beautiful and most difficult Macedonian folk dances. A lot has been written and said about it. Geografically, the dance and the costume it is performed in originate from the region of Galicnik located at Mount Bistra in the north-west Macedonia. In essence, it is devoted to the farevell moments of the Macedonians who were leaving their country to work abroad. The Hard One was danced at the outskirts of the villages, where people made their farewells to their beloved ones before embarking on the road to the unknown hard work abroad. However, over time it developed in a hymn not only of the people who worked abroad, but also of sufferings that piled up in the Macedonian souls through the centuries of subjugation.
This folk dance has inspired many artists and poets (ex. Blaze Konevski and his poem "Teskoto" - "The Hard One").
Exclusively for you there is also the music of Teskoto(The Hard One) (1.93 MB) .WAV file
The Hard One originates from Galicnik, as well as the costumes it is perfomed in.

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