Macedonian costumes
With their vivid patterns, their red and black colour prevailing over the rich colouring consisting of other motley threads, perfectly embroidered on white cloth, the Macedonian costumes always generate a strong impression. Macedonian housewives were always able to find some spare time to raise their embroidery to the level of art, both on their festive or wedding and evereyday clothes - costumes.
A selection of Macedonian costumes
Women's costume, the villages in the foothill of Mount Suva Gora Bridal costume, the upper villages, Bitola Bridal costume, the village of Mijaci, Krusevo
Eastern Macedonia costume "Komitsko oro" (Rebel's dance) costume Aegean Macedonia costume
Osogovo region costume "Cifte camce" costume Prilep region costume
Galicnik region costumes Vardar valley costumes "Vodarki" (Water carrier) dance costume
"Vranje suite" dance costume Western Macedonia costume
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