The history of Macedonia's survival throughout centuries seems like an incredible story: similar examples of such sturdiness and endurability in the hardships of times could hardly be found in history!

Macedonia as soil and tradition, as an ethnic organism and social organization will have to outlive a millenium-long period of silence and anonimity, smoldered in the ashes of an extensive, wrongful and complete injustice, conquered and enslaved in various forms, until She re-appears on the historical scene towards the middle of this century as the bird Phoenix, as an equal member of the enourmous family of peoples and states.

Macedonia is everlasting and will not be subdued. Today, at the end of the 20th century, Macedonia is a historical, political, economic, and above all, a cultural reality. Situated between the facts and the metaphores, Macedonia, as a concept, spreads beyond its frontiers, with quite an investment in the overall treasurery of the civilazation of mankind: to be stored in the global memory with relations with the name Alexander of Macedonia; the teachers of all Slavs, Cyril and Methodius; the inventor and introducer of the Cyrillic alphabet, Saint Kliment Ohridski; the tragical Czar Samoil and the Bogomil movement; the dignified struggle for freedom in Kresna and the two Ilinden uprisings is quite significant. Today, Macedonia is a small, valuable and influential contribution in the general efforts to make the World finally a brotherly community where reason will be the supreme and exhalted principle of living.

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