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XV Century

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The Mother of God Eleousa: Our Lady of Compassion

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15th century

79 x 47 cm.

From the church St. Nicholas Varos - Prilep.

Today - Museum of Macedonia - Skopje.

Condition: The icon is rather damage, particularly in the lower half, where the plaster ground and layer of paint have been completely lost. The flaking off of the layer of paint is visible in several places. The icon was intended to be carried in the processions, which is shown by a square slot in the icon with holes made by nails with which the pole would have been attached.


The lower part of the frame worm-eaten and broken in several places.

Iconography: Mother of God is shown in three-quarter length, facing right. She holds the infant Christ to her breast with both hands. His back is turned towards the spectator. He lovingly touches His cheek close to His motherís lips. She is dressed in a dark-blue maphorion, decorated with a band. Christ is dressed in pale blue clothes, decorated with blue and vermilion flowers. He has a handkerchief round His waist. In the upper corners, in separate segments, two angels are shown, The halo is ornamented with a vine branch.

Conservation: Conserved and cleaned in the laboratory of IPCM - Skopje.



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