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XIII Century

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St. George

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Jovan Zograf

1266 - 67 god.

Gift from the Deacon John.

146 x 86 cm.

Tempera. Plaster ground on board.

From the Church of St. George, Struga.

Condition: The icon is on a single board which has broken in the middle but not split apart. The greatest damage that can be seen in the lower right corner and the upper part of the same side of the frame. On some places the ground together with the layer of paint has flaked off.


Iconography: St. George is portrayed in full length. His right hand is raised to the height of his head, and holds a lance, in his left is a large shield. He is dressed in a coat of mail. On the reverse a Greek text with large letters has been preserved giving the name of the artist, the year of painting and the name of the donor.

Origin: No doubt the icon belonged to the iconostasis of the old Church of St. George in Struga which was destroyed and the present church was built on the same place in the 19th century.

Conservation: the author of the present work in the course of registering icons in Macedonia discovered the icon. It was under the rubble in the parvis of the church. After it was discovered, it was immediately taken to the laboratory of the IPCM, where complete conservation was made.



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