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Beginnings – The Iconoclasts versus the Cult of Icons

The Period of the Sclavinii and the Bogomil Movement

Veljusa Icons on Wooden Panels with Their Gold and Silver Revetments Lost Over the Centuries


The Oldest Surviving Icons From the 11th and 12th Centuries

13th Century Icons

The Work of the Icon-Painters Michael and Eutychios And the Painters of Their Circle

Icons by Anonymous Icon-Painters In the 14th Century Up To Macedonia’s coming Under Ottoman Turkish Rule

Macedonia under Ottoman Turkish Domination

15th Century Icons from the Ohrid Icon - Painting Centre

15th Century Icons from the Treskavec Icon - Painting Centre. The Work of the Metropolitan Jovan Zograf and His Brother Makarie Zograf from Zrze

The Appearance of the New Painting Centres In the 16th and 17th Centuries. The Icon - Painting Centre of Slepce

Lesnovo and Skopje Icon - Painting Centre



Icons of Macedonia