The Folk Costumes of Mariovo

The male costume of the villages of the isolated mountain region Mariovo consists of a number of white clothing items and has all the characteristics of costume intended for mountains and breeding. An abi is worn under the shirt made of a thick homemade fabric. A jamadan made of a cotton fabric is worn over the shirt. White pants dzivri are worn on the legs (lower end of the body) made of a white cotton fabric accompanied by the sash with woolen laces; white knitted socks with podveski – straps that support the socks and footwear opintsi made of a natural leather. A sash made of wool kemer is placed around the waist and a leather belt is worn over this.

The winter clothing is a sleeveless knee-length guna made of a white or black fabric klashna with special decorations. A sakma made of a thick woolen fabric is typical shepherd clothing.

The groom's costume for religious observance and his clothing is more decorated. An element of this costume is the white apron pregache patterned with stripes a symbolic mark denoting an unmarried man. The white sakma is part of the special bridal clothing venchanichka , a short ruffled underwear f'stan a detail for the groom and young men. The female costume of the Mariovo region is the supreme costume of all costumes. Its stylistic and artistic definition, its harmonious decoration unity, its abundance of red woolen fringes as well as the rows of ornaments with geometrical and stylistic vegetal motifs is one of the most beautiful, but also the heaviest costume in Macedonia.

The Folk Costume rufet of Old Mariovo has more resemblance to Mariovo even though there are some insignificant differences in the ethnical characteristics of that of Small Mariovo. The influence of the neighboring region of the Prilep Plain is evident in the Folk Costumes of the villages of Small Mariovo.

A sagia, saya made of a white cotton fabric klashna decorated with embroidery and rich a fringe is worn over the white shirt opulently decorated with motifs densely embroidered in the techniques, pisano lozneno and grabeno. A long black sash and a woolen apron pregach, vuta decorated with petite motifs and woolen fringes is put around the waist. The unmarried women of the Mariovo region cover their heads with a white tublen, decorated in a typical Mariovo fashion, whereas the married women wear an obrus over the tublen made of a white cotton fabric with embroidered motifs and dense fringes on both ends.

The clothing items guna and gornitsa made of klashna , decorated in a typical Mariovo fashion with woolen optoki and braids make up the female costume used for religious observances.

The bridal clothing venchanichko ruvo is decorated with many embroidered motifs, specific clothing items and details and is a sign of virginity. It consists of the following: the white guna (long peasant garment), gornitsa, embroidered sleeves, the big kotsel - woolen thread added to the braid and a lot of flowers on the head, the accessories nepot (the crown of tin with holes) and obrus (long embroidered kerchief with fringes) covering the face, as well as the massive metal jewelry pafti, gerdani (necklaces) and koptsi.

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