Cave church "Saint Archangel Michael" - village of Radozda, Struga region



The exterior of the church


The Last Supper


The Miracle in Hona

In one of the most beautiful areas of the western shore of Lake Ohrid, near the village Radozda, in the natural caves situated one next to another, high in the rocks, is the cave church dedicated to the military commander of the Bodiless Army - the Archangel Michael.

Most of the revealed frescoes date from the 14th century. The only preserved composition from the 13th century, with an image of "The Miracle in Hona" - created in the honour of the patron of the church is especially unique.

The artist who painted this character is presented not only as a talented master, but also as a progressive creator who arranged new unknown artistic ideals - by giving the image internal allusiveness.

This cave church was re-painted towards the end of 14th century, when numerous monuments sprang in Ohrid and in its vicinity alongside the boom of fine art studios.

No doubt, the top layer of the painting in the cave church "St. Archangel Michael" is one of the last accomplishment of the Ohrid Fine Art School from the 14th century.